RE3 & RE4 CNC Rotuer With Nesting System

Features of CNC router with nesting system:

Our CNC routers with nesting system and automatic loading and unlading sytem. The Complete work cycle of loading, nesting and unloading is carred out automatically, which resutlts in maximum productivity and zero down time. Our CNC router offers unparalleled easy-of-use in a completed package that is extremely affordable

  • Top of its range, this solution has the great advantage of not requiring the constant presence of an operator. The suction cups equipped on the grantry travel to the rear of the machine to pick up the workpiece from the scissor lift, which is then nested and drilled at the flat table. At the completion of the work cycle, the pusher transports the completed workpiece out of the working area allowing simulataneous loading of the next cycle.
  • Feature world’s top class componets. The enclosure over the gantry with LED light strip for display of the machine status prevents flying out of materials and greatly enhances safety.
  • Truly versatile nesting, routeting, vertical drilling and engraving all in one. It is well-suited for panel furniture, office furniture, kitchen, cabinets production.
  • The availability of automatic barcode labeling makes the operator’s job easier by identifying and labeling the panels with rapidly-moving axis before the nesting and vertical drilling procedures.


Nesting system

Nesting system

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Series E3-1325D E4-1224D E4-1530D E4-1537D E4-2128D E4-2138D
Travelling size (mm) 2500*1260*200 2500*1260*200 3100*1600*200 3700*1600*200 2900*2160*200 3850*2160*200
Working size (mm) 2440*1220*50 2440*1230*70 3074*1550*70 3685*1550*70 2850*2130*70 3800*2130*70
Table size (mm) 2440*1228 2440*1228 3074*1550 3685*1550 2850*2130 3800*2130
Loading and unloading Speed 10m/min 15m/min
Travelling speed 45m/min 80m/min
Working speed 20m/min 25m/min
Transmission X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive
Table structure Vacuum table
Max Holding Force 160KG
Spindle power 9.0KW
Spindle speed 24000r/min HSD
Tool Magazine Carousel
Tool Stots 8
Driving system Delta/Yaskawa
Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ
Controller Syntec/Osai


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